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Modular Home Renovation: How to Install a New Faucet on a Sink

Jul 23, 13 • Modular Home Parts
Installing Modular Home Parts

Like other manufactured home parts, faucets go in and out of style. Although an old faucet might be working just fine, you might want to change out your old faucet with an updated, new faucet. Lucky for you, modular home accessories from Basic Components are modern, chic, durable, and have a very... Read More

Modular Home Modification Made Simple: Drywall Panels

Modular Home Repair How to Hang Drywall

Anyone who is considering modular home repair or modular home renovation will find that there are plenty of projects involved that are ideal for the enthusiastic handyman. You may also find that a few of the projects you tackle require the need to hang new drywall. There is no need to call in the... Read More