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Remodeling Your RV and the Supplies You’ll Need

Dec 27, 13 • RV parts, RV remodeling
mobile home flooring

Whether you bought a fixer upper or just want a new look, it may be time to remodel your RV. Your RV was likely a great investment. Keep it looking nice with updated flooring, fixtures, and walls. Also, it is extremely important to make sure your RV stays protected from the weather and insects. You... Read More

Put a Lid on High Energy Costs

adhesive construction grade

Whether you build, design, rent, or own RV’s or Modular Homes, cold weather can cost you money if you don’t get winterized. With winter approaching, Now is the perfect time to repair roofs, windows, doors, flooring, and siding. The solution is one of our bulk construction grade... Read More

How to Install and Repair Vinyl Tile in Your Mobile Home or RV

Oct 25, 13 • Mobile Home, RV remodeling
vinyl wood floor

You don’t need a lot of expensive mobile home parts or specialized knowledge to install or repair vinyl tile in an RV. It is a very simple mobile home repair. Anyone with a few simple tools and mobile home parts can install a beautiful vinyl tile floor in no time at all. Here is an easy guide to... Read More

Winterizing Your Mobile Home

Oct 18, 13 • Mobile Home
mobile home winter

Every mobile homeowner needs to know the proper steps to take when it comes to winterizing their home. There are steps to preserve heat during the long, winter months, conserve energy, and stay comfortable when the cold has set in outside. Mobile homes don’t have the same degree of insulation... Read More

Top 5 RV Supplies to Get You Through Cooler Months

Oct 11, 13 • RV accessories, RV parts
parts for RV's

There are many reasons to use an RV in the off-season. Hunting, skiing, winter snowshoeing and snowmobiling are more enjoyable with an RV close by. A handy place to warm up or spend the night is always nice to have. Check out these winter RV supplies for your RV. Winter Skirting As a result of our... Read More

Important Modular Home Parts – Roofing Underlayment

Aug 16, 13 • Modular Home Parts
Modular Home Parts Roofing Underlayment

As a modular home parts company, we’ve compiled a lot of expertise on manufactured homes and supplies. We’d like to pass on helpful tips whenever possible to save time and money for anyone who is new to the world of modular homes, and so we’d like to go over a few of the details... Read More

Modular Home Renovation: How to Install a New Faucet on a Sink

Jul 23, 13 • Modular Home Parts
Installing Modular Home Parts

Like other manufactured home parts, faucets go in and out of style. Although an old faucet might be working just fine, you might want to change out your old faucet with an updated, new faucet. Lucky for you, modular home accessories from Basic Components are modern, chic, durable, and have a very... Read More

Modular Home Modification Made Simple: Drywall Panels

Modular Home Repair How to Hang Drywall

Anyone who is considering modular home repair or modular home renovation will find that there are plenty of projects involved that are ideal for the enthusiastic handyman. You may also find that a few of the projects you tackle require the need to hang new drywall. There is no need to call in the... Read More

4 Reasons You Should Be Dreaming About Modular Homes

Jun 27, 13 • Home Owners, Modular Homes
Planning a new Modular Home

Modular homes are proving effective and comfortable places to live for a growing number of homeowners, both affordable in cost and rich in quality and design. With high quality modular home parts and modern features, a larger demographic is choosing to reside in the prefabricated buildings,... Read More

RV Accessories: The 6 Most Useful Items for Summer Travels (Some May Surprise You!)

Best RV Accessories for Using on Summer Vacation

Vacationing in a recreational vehicle (RV) is an adventure and pleasurable experience for young couples, retirees or the whole family. The allure of RV traveling means that you can bring your own hotel with you, yet park in an environment that lets you enjoy the outdoors in a camp-like setting.... Read More