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New Mobile Home Flooring Options

Aug 7, 14 • Mobile Home

Mobile homes are great for so many reasons. They are affordable, manageable, and can be completely customized to incorporate high-end style, affordably. Due to their smaller floor size, creating a gorgeous home is as easy as selecting the perfect new mobile home floor option that is both... Read More

RV Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 30, 14 • RV parts, RV remodeling

RVs are fun for the whole family. When your RV is ready for an update, it is important to find the right company with the right parts. Some RV supply companies make buying parts a hassle. They sell low quality parts at an unreasonable price. BCI does things much differently. We want your experience... Read More

Motor Home Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 28, 14 • motor homes

Motor homes are a joy to own for many reasons. It gives owners the opportunity to explore the world without leaving the comforts of a nice clean bed, a warm shower, and dependable heating and cooling. Families spend many quality hours together, and individuals enjoy their alone time. If it has been... Read More

Manufactured Home Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 26, 14 • manufactured homes

If you own a manufactured home, you may be thinking it is time to remodel. If you are a contractor who needs supplies for setting up or repairing manufactured homes, you may be looking for a dependable company that sells quality parts at affordable costs. BCI serves both individual homeowners and... Read More

What Should You Consider When Replacing Your RV Kitchen Faucet?

May 23, 14 • RV parts, RV remodeling

If you are ready for a new look for the interior of your RV, you may not need a complete overhaul. Sometimes, it is the little changes that make a big difference. Whether you are an RV owner or an RV builder, replacing the faucet in the kitchen of your RV can make a drastic change in its... Read More

Building a Mobile Home – What Materials do you need?

May 19, 14 • Mobile Home

The idea to ‘grow as you go’ is much affordable than buying a whole new home. A mobile home refers to a factory-built house constructed and engineered to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development’s building code’s strict ideas. People opt to live in small... Read More

Airstream Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 16, 14 • airstream

Airstream Travel Trailers have become iconic symbols of traveling and adventure in the United States. While the outside of the trailers are a classic shimmering metallic design, the interior can be as unique as the person who owns it. All you need is a company like Basic Components that has a wide... Read More

Modular Home Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 14, 14 • Modular Home Parts

Modular homes are becoming a better option for homebuyers every day. They are less expensive than traditionally built homes and built on a slab as opposed to the axles of a mobile home. If you are an individual who owns a modular home or a contractor who sets them up, it is important to find a... Read More

Mobile Home Remodeling Parts and Supplies

May 12, 14 • Mobile Home

BCI sells mobile home parts for a variety of projects. We sell to individuals as well as contractors. We can help you with projects such as re-roofing, re-flooring, updating faucets, repairing seals around windows and sinks, and much more. Our mobile home parts are high quality and durable. We have... Read More

Deciding to Remodel Your Mobile Home

Jan 6, 14 • Mobile Home
mobile home interior

Home should feel warm and welcoming. It is where you work, play, eat, sleep, and come together as a family. Your home is where you make memories that last forever. You want your mobile home to last just as long. Many people believe that only professionals can repair and update a mobile home.... Read More