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Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Mobile Home

Nov 2, 15 • Mobile Home Flooring
Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Mobile Home

It can be particularly daunting to try and choose flooring for a mobile home or RV especially when your tastes are larger than your budget. Regardless, you do not need to skip quality or affordability with luxury vinyl tile and stone-like vinyl composition tile... Read More

Preparing Your RV For Winter

Oct 23, 15 • Blog
Preparing Your RV For Winter

There’s never really a bad time to drive or ride an RV, but for those in certain parts of the country, the arrival of winter means that certain factors have to be taken into consideration. Some of them deal with safety issues, some are oriented toward maintenance, while some are related to... Read More

The Key Differences Between Modular, Manufactured, and Mobile Homes

Sep 22, 15 • Blog
Differences Between Modular, Manufactured, and Mobile Homes

For some individuals, the idea of owning their own home is a concept that might require a different take on simply buying a standard house in the traditional manner. While that may be due to respective tastes, in many situations, that approach is dictated by the finances available at the time... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Tiny House

Sep 3, 15 • Blog
tiny house

The concept of downsizing in recent years has taken on a whole new meaning, thanks to the growing popularity of the tiny house movement. These types of residences are different from a standard small house, since one of the major attention-getters of the tiny variety is the very small environmental... Read More

How To Apply Caulking to RV Windows

Jul 10, 15 • News
How To Apply Caulking to RV Windows

Protecting against the elements, especially moisture-related issues that could cause damage to an RV, can be achieved for vehicles through the process of applying the proper sealant to the windows through the simple use of a caulking gun... Read More

RV Travel Checklist For Your Road Trip

Jun 16, 15 • Blog
rv travel checklist

Hitting the open road in an RV is one of the best ways around to conduct a road trip during the summer months, so it makes sense to have an RV travel checklist prepared for any situations your mobile home may experience during these travels... Read More

The Best RV Destinations In The United States

May 27, 15 • Blog, RV Travel
RV destinations

Having the freedom to get behind the wheel for RV destinations and start a road trip is something that puts a smile of not only those in the vehicle itself, but the staff at Basic Components as well. That’s because our business is important to the RV industry, so any positive word of mouth is... Read More

5 Reasons To Invest In Manufactured Housing

May 13, 15 • manufactured homes
Invest in manufactured housing

Since the housing market crashed, all segments of this market have slowly come back to life. From residential to commercial and everything in between, the potential for investment has risen again. That area of “everything in between” includes the area of manufactured housing, which is a segment... Read More

The Benefits of Owning a Mobile Home

Feb 12, 15 • Mobile Home
mobile home

When assessing the benefits of owning a mobile home, there are a number of reasons that make sense from both an economic and practical standpoint. Below are the four most important... Read More

How To Install Vinyl Composition Tile In My RV

Dec 31, 14 • Mobile Home Flooring, RV parts

An RV is a rolling home away from home, so it’s only natural to give it a home-based appearance, something that vinyl composition tile accomplishes. In such a high-traffic area, having an appealing, inexpensive option does wonders not only for your ego, but your wallet as well... Read More