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7 Tips to Increase RV MPG

Feb 15, 16 • RV Travel

While RVs provide a great home-away-from-home traveling experience, they do use a lot of gas. Many people are looking for ways to improve fuel economy while still enjoying their RVs. The following information discusses several ways to improve RV MPG on trips. 1. Keep the Vehicle in Top Shape The... Read More

Winterize your RV

Dec 21, 15 • RV Travel

  Winter is coming and for those of us who live for winter camping and traveling in our RVs, it’s time to hunker down and stay put for a while. The approaching cold and icy weather in some parts of the country means it’s time to winterize your RV so it’s ready to create more... Read More

The Best RV Destinations In The United States

May 27, 15 • Blog, RV Travel
RV destinations

Having the freedom to get behind the wheel for RV destinations and start a road trip is something that puts a smile of not only those in the vehicle itself, but the staff at Basic Components as well. That’s because our business is important to the RV industry, so any positive word of mouth is... Read More

RV Accessories: The 6 Most Useful Items for Summer Travels (Some May Surprise You!)

Best RV Accessories for Using on Summer Vacation

Vacationing in a recreational vehicle (RV) is an adventure and pleasurable experience for young couples, retirees or the whole family. The allure of RV traveling means that you can bring your own hotel with you, yet park in an environment that lets you enjoy the outdoors in a camp-like setting.... Read More