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The Average Cost of a New Manufactured Home

Apr 11, 17 • News

The excitement of having a new home built can sometimes be tempered by the idea of the overall cost that’s involved with the entire process. In the case of a manufactured home, there can be equal parts interest and confusion because such homes are considered out of the ordinary by many in the... Read More

Building Stronger With Modular Construction

Mar 17, 17 • News

One of the biggest myths when it comes to modular homes is that the process of modular construction is one that’s tainted by an amateurish approach to the job. The comparatively lower costs in such construction are dismissed by critics who charge that the homes are poorly constructed and are in... Read More

5 Benefits of Building Custom Modular Homes

Mar 7, 17 • Modular Homes

The choice to build a home is exciting, yet it can also serve as a challenge. What type of home you want built, where you want to live and how fast do you want to move in are just some of the aspects to consider when making such selections. When it comes to custom built modular homes, there are... Read More

How To Hang Drywall

Feb 23, 17 • Builders
How to hang drywall

Among the many values that come with a building material drywall are the fact that it’s easy to hang and is an inexpensive option for individuals that need to adhere to a tighter budget. Hanging drywall is something that only requires a limited number of steps, which can expedite the building of... Read More

The Benefits of Manufactured Homes

Jan 31, 17 • manufactured homes
benefits of Manufactured Homes

The type of residence that a person lives in can be a testament to their personality, their current economic status or be related to their current stage of life. In addition, the size of a home doesn’t necessarily have to determine the level of happiness someone has for what they believe is... Read More

How to Prepare your Manufactured Home for Winter

Dec 19, 16 • manufactured homes
How to Prepare Your Manufactured Home For Winter

    Winter is coming soon, and that means it is time to get busy preparing your manufactured home for the ravages of winter weather. Especially for those who live in the northern areas of the country, winter can be incredibly brutal on your manufactured home. If you do not get it ready to... Read More

Why Is My Mobile Home So Hot?

Sep 19, 16 • Mobile Home
Why is my Mobile Home So Hot

 Have you ever wondered: “Why is my mobile home so hot?” You are not the only asking this question. The issue of energy efficient mobile home heating and cooling is much larger than you might think, considering the latest Census figures estimate 20 million Americans are living in... Read More

Installing Mobile Home Drywall

Aug 15, 16 • Mobile Home
How To Install Mobile Home Drywall

In order to install mobile home drywall, the first thing you will need to do is to turn of the main power to the mobile home. Once you take the walls down you will have to expose the electrical wires behind and it is safer to do if the electricity is off. After turning of the electricity, you will... Read More

Modular is the Future of School and Hotel Construction 

Jul 19, 16 • Builders
Modular Is The Future of Construction

The modular construction market has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years, so much so that many industries that once couldn’t consider modular buildings now have them as an option. Larger modular buildings are now easily possible, so organizations like schools and hotels are able to... Read More

How do Modular Homes Compare to Stick Built Homes

Jun 16, 16 • Modular Homes
Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes

Modular Homes Vs Stick Built Homes People who are planning to build new homes have a variety of options than style, size, and materials. The method of construction is also a complex choice as the modular buildings rise in numbers. In this post, we will discuss the main differences between modular... Read More

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